Aquatic Chemical and Behavioural Ecology

Grant E. Brown, PhD
Professor, Department of Biology
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC, H4B 1R6, CANADA
514.848.2424 ext 4020

Fellow, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability
Fellow, Science College


My research group deals with chemical and behavioural ecology within freshwater ecosystems.  Using a combination of field experiments and controlled laboratory studies, we address questions relating to 'how prey assess and respond to variable predation threats'.  Within aquatic systems, chemical cues are a major source of risk assessment information.  In addition, the same publicly available cues are available to predators. Thus, we also ask questions relating to 'how predators compete for food based on variable information'.

Much of the work done by my research group is field based.  A common (and valid) criticism of vertebrate chemical ecology is that it is heavily biased towards laboratory studies.  Lab conditions often lack important ecological relevance, and as a result, we integrate field projects when ever possible. 

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