Another successful thesis defence from the Brown Lab.  Ricky DiRocco defended his MSc thesis on 12 January, 2015.  Well done Ricky!

Also, Congrats to Jemma Katwaroo-Andersen, who successfully defended her MSc thesis on 19 November, 2014!  Well done!

Congrats to Patrick Malka, who successfully defended his MSc thesis on 21 May, 2014.   

Chris Elvidge successfully defended his PhD thesis on 10 September, 2013.  Congrats Dr. Elvidge!

 Our work was mentioned in a recent popular review published in the New Scientist 'Survival of the shyest: Timidity's surprising benefits' by Lesley Evans Ogden (23 April 2013).

Pierre Chuard (PhD candidate) took second place in the 2013 3-Minute-Thesis competition, held by the School of Graduate Studies on 12 April 2013.  His presentation was entitled 'The effects of operational sex-ratio and predation risk on the mating competition of the Trinidadian guppy'.

Dr. Brown was interviewed for the Voice of Russia program 'The Prism'. Visit the site to hear the interview:

Our Current Zoology paper examining urea as a possible disturbance cue is featured in the science blog The Scorpion and the Frog

 e! Science News features our recent Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology paper, on how a fish’s personality influences the way it responds to predators. This paper is also featured in Science Newsline BiologyScience DailyThe Iconoclast NewsBiology and MedicineEnvironment GuruLab Spaces and Alpha Galileo Foundation.

Chris Elvidge has struck again, publishing a paper entitled "Sensory complementation and behavioural compensation in acid impacted juvenile Atlantic salmon", available online-first at Oecologia.  Click here to visit the site:

Chris Elvidge (PhD Candidate) recently published a paper entitled “Visual and chemical cues as complimentary predator attractants in a tropical stream assemblage” in the online journal ‘International Journal of Zoology’.  Click here to visit the site:

Dr. Brown was interviewed on CBC Montreal regarding the perils of releasing unwanted tropical fish into local waterways.  Click here to see the interview: 

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